Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kevin Cheng no need to worry about hair loss problem

Yesterday Kevin Cheng was shooting for a commercial for men hair products where he was dressed as a firefighter. One of the scenes involved broken glass and required Kevin to hang on wires, which was quite dangerous. Kevin expressed that when he was shooting for "Burning Flames 3" there were several of these types of scenes: "Earlier when I was shooting for "Burning Flames 3", there were plenty of these dangerous scenes. I remember one fire scene, it was heated and hot, when the fire stroked passed in front of me, there was a some smoke smell, just thinking of it is frightening."

Kevin rarely shoots ancient series, so he has no hair loss problem, he said: "Luckily I rarely do ancient series, so I don't need to wear 10 heavy head sets and reduced the risk of hair loss." He also reveals that during the holidays, he went to the States for stage work, earning 7 figures sum, so he brought a new car for encouragement.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Leo Ku is not worried that he will become an "elderly dad"

Leo Ku attended metro city "Basic Law Fun Day" yesterday. Leo was testing his fans about the basic law. Leo was asked whether he has ever got stuck and could not answer his student's question as a teacher? He said sometimes the questions asked by young children are even harder to answer than "爛gag" (funny joke). The school teachers have their special subject, but they are not "super human". Everybody should have space to absorb new knowledge. Leo is an uncle already, he has nephews and nieces. Reporter asked if he has the urge to become a father? Leo said he did have an impulse to be a father, but he is too busy working. He went on to say that he is still thirty something, a prime time of his life. He is not worried that he will become an "elderly dad" yet. Leo also revealed that he has no generation gap with children and he is very friendly with his friend's children.

Source: MingPao
Translator: R.E.D @

Ella Koon can't tolerate guys who only have a bath once a week

Ella Koon's will be releasing her next new album before June. She is busy practicing her songs as well as jogging everyday. Ella revealed that she is taking care of herself by avoid going to places where people smoke. She knows this is a very important time for her and she needs to hold on to her chances. Reporter asked if she knew about the beggar looked guy from the mainland called (犀利哥) "sharp brother" who is very hot in the internet these days? She said she had heard about that when she was in Taiwan. She admired his free "look", but it would be better if he has a proper job. Ella went on to say since he is "hot" he should hold on to his chances and has a bath. When she was studying abroad, many students only had a bath once a week. She can't tolerate that.

Source: MingPao
Translator: R.E.D @

Jenny Yan will have Farewell concert in May

Yesterday, singer Jenny Yan announced that the 2-show concert "Jenny Yan: Love Show Farewell World Tour" that will be held at the HK Coliseum in May will be her last. Though the concert will mark her farewell to the stage and she admits that she is feeling a lot of pressure right now, she feels that this is the right decision, since there is a beginning and an end to everything in life.

Jenny admits that she won’t miss not being able to perform on the concert stage: “I am only not doing concerts anymore, doesn’t mean that it’s the end of my career. If there are shows or awards ceremonies that invite me to perform, I would still do it. As for the fans, doesn’t have to be only formally on stage that they are able to see me – I welcome them to come visit my farm!”

Jenny also indicated that her daughter Melody just graduated from fashion design and cinematography courses, so she has arranged for her daughter to be her concert’s artistic director – her duties will include being in charge of set design and costume. Laughing, Jenny said: “With the second generation taking care of me now, I feel like I have ‘graduated’ myself.” Asked whether her daughter will be paid at the ‘mother-daughter rate’, Jenny replied: “We don’t talk about money, since ‘mine’ will eventually become ‘hers’ anyway!”

Reknown music teacher Liu Jia Chang also came out to support Jenny yesterday, though when asked to go up on stage, he did, but would not sing. The organizers of the concert have indicated that Liu Jia Chang as well as famous musical composer Joseph Koo will both appear on stage. According to sources, even though Liu will be having his own farewell concert in Taiwan in April after which he will retire from the industry, he has agreed to be a musical guest at Jenny’s concert and will also make an exception to sing.

Source: Mingpao
Translation: llwy12 @ AsianFanatics

Charlene Choi: "I am currently single."

Charlene attended the Mulberry Spring Fashion Show as a guest and mentioned that she would like to try walking the runway at a fashion show. But she knows that her height is too short in comparison to all the professional models, like model Lynn at the event. She looks at it as a self-learning experience, but she has never thought about becoming a full-time professional model and she is satisfied with her own body. However, Lynn praised Charlene as always having a good temperament/mood and said Charlene is definitely competent to do modelling. On the topic of height, when Charlene was asked if she minds if her boyfriend is shorter than her, Charlene replied that height is not a factor in love and there are other characteristics to an individual. However, when Ronald Cheng's name is brought up, Charlene clearly states "I am currently single." When reporters asked her when she became single, Charlene did not elaborate but simply said that she is single.

Source: | | Ming Pao

Kay Tse goes NO SHOW on ATV music program due to lost of voice

Jay Chou's "see mui" Cindy Yen, Maria Cordero and Bowie Tsang were recording for ATV's music program "Asian Millionstar 2". One of Universal's singers Kay Tse was also suppose to attend as a guest performer, however she did not appear. It was rumored that because Kay was afraid that the dispute between Big 4 and TVB would worsen if she appeared on ATV, therefore she decided not to attend on short notice.

Towards this ATV Executive (Lai Wah Man) explained: "She did agreed to appear on ATV earlier, but the night before recording, a colleague of hers said that Kay lost her voice and cannot attend. (Do you feel that she backed out from the appearance?) I don't think so because we arranged her to be a special guest performer." He continued and said that after Kay recovers, they will arrange for another recording on a ATV program with her: "We haven't decided which episode she will appear on yet. (Will you invite other singers?) Yes one from Mainland and another one from Taiwan, but it is not confirmed. Also, we will be interviewing Kelly Chen on "Twinkle Stars" this Tuesday." Kay expressed through her manager: "Kay was not feeling well the last few days, yesterday she lost her voice, so she wasn't able to attend the music program. Let her recover first before she goes on again. (Rumors say that she's backing out?) Don't make it complicated."

Source: Oriental Daily

Fala Chen evasive when swimming with boyfriend

Yesterday Fala Chen attended a soccer event and played games with the soccer fans. Had always kept her mouth zipped about her love life, when Fala was asked about her Neway's young master boyfriend successfully purchased California Red Karaoke, she generously replied: "That's a good thing, proves that his business is going well. (Some people are saying its a monopoly?) I am not sure about this." But Fala said that people of Hong Kong have several options for night activities: "can go watch a movie or go to the bar, don't always have to go to karaoke."

Because everyone is busy with their own schedule, Fala frankly said that she and her boyfriend do not have much time to spend together. When asked what they do out on a date? She smiled: "Go to the private gym or maybe go out for a movie. Places where there are not much people around." Asked if she would accompany her boyfriend to do exercises? She said that her boyfriend is athletic, they would go swimming together. Besides fearing to go to the beaches, she would also try to keep it low when they go swimming because it wouldn't be good if she gets photographed in her swimwear. (Need to avoid?) Work is work, private is private. I hope that the media can focus more on my work."

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao